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Monday, 15 January 2018

First game of L'Art de la Guerre

I had an opportunity to play L'Art de la Guerre in 25mm at the club tonight so was happy to give them a go.  I had been told that they are very much a derivative set and so it proved - nothing new and exciting in them but potentially a solid game that might prove worthy of further play.

The game was 3 v 3 and moved a little slowly.  I held the centre of the Cartheginian line with my veteran Africans and Gallic support. The approaching Seleucid phalanx had slightly better combat values so the idea was to let them move between the two bits of terrain with them hopefully exposing their flanks to a double envelopment.  Howver as the night wore on it became clear that if I wanted to throw any dice I would also have to advance.  The resulting clash was indecisive if marginally against me and the overall game was declared a draw.

I would play again and I could provide 25mm armies to do so.  The issue is lack of availability of the the moment as they are currently out of print whilst remaining much sought after

Games 3
Rules played 3 New 2
Places played 2 New 0

Friday, 12 January 2018

Prestonpans 1745 with Cartouche

Called over to Tim C's tonight for a game with his shiny new 28mm armies for the '45.  We played Prestonpans with me taking the Jacobites.

Initially the charging clansman on the flanks were largely ineffective with the left flank Government cavalry being much more successful than their historical counterparts.  My plan had been to roll up the flanks with the highlanders and then move the Lowlanders in the centre up to complete the attack.  However with the balance of the battle against me I had to make one last desperate central push which paid off and was enough to win the day. 

Very entertaining game which swung backwards and forwards throughout the evening.  My first game of Cartouche.  Thanks to Tim for hosting

Games 2
Rules played 2 New 1
Places played 2 New 0

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

First Game in 4 weeks!

The Christmas break was much extended this year – I missed the last game at the club last year and did not get any games in between meetings hence a long long time with no gaming.
Kev broke out his LOTR collection for and we played the attack on the Deeping Wall scenario.  I took the Rohirrim supported by Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli whilst Kev had the assaulting Uruk-hai.

With the heroes defending the wall it was always going to be very difficult for the attackers to go over the top and the only real way for them to win was to blow a section of wall and swarm through that way.  My archers initially had very poor luck and the 3 demolition teams made it quite close to the wall with few casualties.  However when they arrived a shower of spears took out the torch bearers who had the best chance of setting the charges off.  It was then left to others to try and it took several turns and many more casualties before they succeeded.
By the time the Uruk-hai were very close to their break point and although I had not left many troops at ground level they were sufficient to hold them back whilst more missiles from Legolas and the remaining archers were enough to seal victory,

A fun game where Kev suffered from poor luck – an earlier detonation would have made an evil win much more likely.

Game 1 
Rules played 1 New 0
Places played 1 New 0 

Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 Plan

Having played 100 plus games in the last 2 years I want to keep that up in 2018.  Hopefully this will include SAGA at some of the Iron Man events that enjoyed in 2017 and should allow me a first outing of SAGA 2.

I have some new rule sets to try out, 3 Fantasy sets being Of Gods and Mortals, Songs of Merlin and Arthur and Hostile Realms plus an Ancients set Archon 2.  Not forgetting Empire of the Dead which I bought in December.  Most if not all will require some painting so it will be the Spring at least before they get on the table.

I also want to finish the first round of painting and get some Jason and the Argonauts HOTT games played.  A find in 2017 was Wargaming 19th Century Europe 1815 – 1878 which should allow me finally to get my 15mm South Americans on the table for Wars of the Triple Alliance battles.

Having restarted blogging I will try and post after every game, with a photo when I remember.

Painting targets – 100 from bare metal  (including those I started in 2017 which is a bit of a cheat) with a total of 600 ready for the table. 

One final, slightly unusual, target.  I have always kept some sort of wargames diary.  I find that I have now wargamed in 95 different places so it would be good to get the 100 up this year.  Perhaps a couple of club visits?

Thanks for reading and happy gaming in 2018.

Friday, 29 December 2017

How went 2017??

2017 was an excellent year for gaming.  110 games are the most yet since I got married (back in 1982) and probably more than I ever managed when I was single. A highlight was taking part in 3 Iron Man competitions where all armies are provided and all opponents are historical. Thanks to Whitley Bay 3D gamers, Darley Dale WRG and Glasgow and District Wargames Society for hosting.  All excellent games.

Many grat games were played under the auspices of Falkirk and District Wargames Club – too many to mention individually I am afraid.  Our Carronade show was an outstanding success again.

I set myself a painting target of 100 and managed…..4….. However this only includes those started as bare metal.  I have a substantial stash of pre-loved figures and including those that I got into full table ready condition the total rises to 269 so that is not so bad

Thoughts on 2018 to follow in a couple of days.

List of games played:

Dragon Rampant
Wings of War
DBA 3.0
Hordes of the Things
Wargaming 19th Century Europe 1815 - 1878
Ludus Gladitorious
East Neuk Irregulars 20th Century
In Her Majesty's Name
Field of Battle
Chain of Command
Coastal Patrol
Check your 6 Jet Age
Pulse of Battle
Check Your 6!
Jump or Burn
Broken Legions
Lord of the Rings
Lion Rampant
WRG 6th
Chain Reaction
Pikeman's Lament
The Kingdom is Ours
Hell Broke Loose
Band of Brothers
General d'Armee
General de Brigade
The Men Who Would be Kings
Picketts Charge
Bolt Action
Rogue Stars
Full Thrust
Battle Havoc

Monday, 11 December 2017

Blockade runner

A multiplayer game of Coastal Patrol at the Falkirk club tonight.  The Germans were attempting to guide a blockade runner and a damaged U Boat into Brest under the escort of a couple of S boats and a minesweeper.

Two pairs of British boats, one pair MTBs and one MGBs waited with their main engines off trying to spot the incoming German ships.  The S Boats charged at full speed at the MTBs scoring a number of hits (on low probabilities) but nothing fatal and as they got very close both were sunk by accurate British fire. 

The merchant ship, U Boat and minesweeper all made fairly sedate progress and initially engaged the MGBs giving and receiving minor damage.

As the night drew to a close a number of torpedoes were launched resulting in evasive manoeuvers.  The merchant ship took the opportunity to ram an sink and MGB that got too close but ended up in the path of two torpedoes one of which sent it to the bottom.

A good game which confirmed my enjoyment of these rules which I hope to play again quite often.  Sorry no photos tonight

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Viking Raid

My annual visit to Washington Wargames Club coincided with their Christmas game.  I number of Viking warbands had got wind of a treasure trove being stored in a Saxon church and were all bent on claiming it for themselves

The Saxons proved tougher opponents than expected and none of the Vikings managed to reach the church.  I was the last to arrive and decided to take advantage of the earlier arivals and relieve them of some of their booty.  Great fun